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Car Hire United Kingdom

Our purpose at Papacar is to offer you the fairest price for car rental. Whether you are on a business trip, or on a holiday, you can be sure that you make the best buy when renting a car at Papacar.


Since we offer cars with deluxe facilities and also several ones of the plainest models, we are sure that you can find the most suitable vehicle for your needs. When choosing a car, you should consider some important aspects. For instance the surface, on which you will use the car, the number of passengers, and the trunk space. According to these aspects you can select the most suitable vehicle. The pictograms help you to indicate the customized offers.


In most cities of The United Kingdom we provide the opportunity of taking up, and handing down cars. In The United Kingdom there are several hidden summer resorts far from the tourist zone, which can be easily approached by car, but not by public transportation. For reaching these beautiful areas, it is advisable to rent a car and travel around the places you are interested in, whenever you would like to.


Car rental and driving tips in the UK

Undoubtedly the most eye-popping thing for most people is that British drive on the „wrong side” of the road. that simply means the driver is sitting on the right side of the car and the vehicles travel on the left side of the road. However there is nothing wrong with that, and if you have never driven your car like, do not worry because everybody can easily adjust to the British system.

The other „odd habbit” is that the distances are measured by miles. 1 mile is equal of 1.6 km. Most rental cars are manually shifted in the foggy Albion so if you prefer to have a car with automatic transmissions you need to sign it to us it will cost you a little bit more. Please take it into consideration that if you are not used to driving manually shifted cars it is even harder shifting with your left hand.  Cars in UK are usually small, which is great, because streets are small as well therefore it’s easier to manuever on it with a smaller car. Plus the price of the petrol is quite expensive so it is definitely worth to hire a smaller rental car . We must mention the limitations regarding speed: on motorway you can’t ride more than 70 mph and 60 mph on the road.
If you would like to use the best rental car in Blighty with a proper price you should book it in advance. Be careful prices can be skyrocketing getting closer to the day of the travel.

There are beutiful places in the UK, that are impossible to reach via public transport but are easily accesible by a car. There is a famous road in Scottland at the top of the UK: the North 500, which captures almost all the legends and mystique of beutiful Scottland. Whilst you driving you can see a ton of spectecular views and it’s worth to stop often and check the land that you see around, because you will be truly amazed by the beuties of the area. Castle ruins, smugglers’ caves, emerald lochs and a fair few distilleries are all scattered along the route



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What our customers say



At first I didn't want to hire a car, but one of my friends convinced me to rent one. It was a good advice. We traveled in Portugal with rented car and it was super. I love when I am more flexible and have more freedom. I recommended to hire a car in Portugal.


J'ai loué une voiture pour faire un voyage circulaire en Portugal. Je l'ai pas regretté! J'avais peur que la voiture serait trop petite pour nous 6, avec mon mari et nos enfants, mais elle était vraiment confortable et propre. La seule chose qui m'a dérangée était le bruit que le moteur faisait, on a une voiture plus silencieuse, mais bon, on peut pas avoir tous :) Aurélie



I was satisfied with the service. Everything were ok. We reserved just a few days before our journey, so we didn't get the car, what we looked out firstly. This was a little annoyance. Moral: It is worth to reserve the car asap. Tom (with family)



Kicsi gyerekekkel utaztunk, ebből kifolyólag tudtuk, hogy sok csomagunk lesz, ezért választottuk az autóbérlést. Tömegközlekedés használata túl körülményes lett volna a gyerekekkel és a csomagokkal. Minden családosnak ajánlom. Ha meg kell állni, mert a kicsinek dolga van, egyszerűen megtehető, míg buszon ez körülményesebb lett volna. Zita



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