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Car Hire The Netherlands

Our purpose at Papacar is to offer you the fairest price for car rental. Whether you are on a business trip, or on a holiday, you can be sure that you make the best buy when renting a car at Papacar.


Car rental and driving tips in the Netherlands


Hire a car in the Netherlands to discover those wonderful places that made this lovely country famous.
Experience those unmistakeble canal towns and wind mils first handedly. You can really feel the tradition anywhere you go in Holland. You can see centuries-old buildings, admire art from the greatest masters like Rembrandt and Van Gogh, meet friends at a café or stay out until the early hours enjoying the nightlife. From Amsterdam to Utrecht, there’s no shortage of charms.

Here are some tips for driving in Holland

The traffic rules and regulations in the Netherlands might be different from those that you are well accustomed to in your home country. We suggest informing yourself of the laws before driving with your rental car. Here are a couple of helpful tips:

·         Always drive on the right side of the road and usually overtake on the left.

·         It is necessary to keep your driver's license, car registration documents and insurance papers with yourself in the car.

·         It is not permitted to use a mobile phone without a hands-free feature.

·         Needless to say seat belts are compulsory for drivers and  for both front and rear passengers

·         Children under the age of 3 must stay in the back and make use of a suitable seat restraint. Children from 3 to 12 can sit in either front or back seats provided they use an appropriate child seat.

·         Usually you shall give priority to all vehicles coming from your right unless a sign post or a police officer

or two indicate otherwise.




Best ways to employ car rental in the Netherlands

With your smart car rental from Papacar you can explore everything that the Netherlands has to offer. From historical attractions, wonderful natural landscapes to bustling cities the country has all kinds of interest and please to all kinds of visitors. Make good use of your rental car to check out the famous museums of Amsterdam and Haarlem (safer place than its counterpart in New York), or visit historic cities like Delft or Maastricht. Ride along the hundreds of scenic coastal miles and spend your precious time on those famous beaches. There is ton of nature to enjoy as well. Check out the unbelievable windmills of Kinderdijk or the magnificent flower fields in Keukenhof. You can also make a nice trip to the Hoge Veluwe National Park for more outdoor activities. Whatever kind of trip you want to have and whatever destinations you have in mind, get there with a rental car. It is lot of fun being behind the wheel and on the road in the Netherlands!




Since we offer cars with deluxe facilities and also several ones of the plainest models, we are sure that you can find the most suitable vehicle for your needs. When choosing a car, you should consider some important aspects. For instance the surface, on which you will use the car, the number of passengers, and the trunk space. According to these aspects you can select the most suitable vehicle. The pictograms help you to indicate the customized offers.


In most cities of the Netherlands we provide the opportunity of taking up, and handing down cars. In the Netherlands there are several hidden summer resorts far from the tourist zone, which can be easily approached by car, but not by public transportation. For reaching these beautiful areas, it is advisable to rent a car and travel around the places you are interested in, whenever you would like to.

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What our customers say


Ideal if you are in a rush

I had to rent a vehicle in a hurry and everything was OK. The car waited for me at the airport as expected.


Über billiger Mietwagen Rom Italien Ciampino Flughafen mit Papacar

Über billiger Mietwagen Rom Italien Ciampino Flughafen mit Papacar übersichtlichste Seite, sehc 100% gutes Service- Schnell und effizient neuer Auto. Alles hat gut geklappt, und hat keine Probleme mit dem Rom Mietwagen.


Звертайте увагу на додаткові умови і витрати!

Ми прибули до Португалії на а літаку і вирішили орендувати автомобіль на 7 днів. З нами було дві дитини і нам знадобились дитячі крісла - компанія надавала таку послугу. Крісла були надзвичайно дорогі - майже 100 євро, і в кінцевому результаті ми вимушені були заплатити значно більше ніж очікували. Авто було чудовим, але додаткові витрати нас трохи засмутили... Подбайте про дитячі крісла заздалегідь!Діма


Mietwagen Flughafen Lisbon Airport

Everything was quite great, there was an additional insurance against kind of vandalism and damages offered, which we declined, that was never a problem (luckily). We had very well maintained car, the handling was very fast and very accurate. I am satisfied with service and quality. Smile for the staff at the car rental desk.



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