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Our purpose at Papacar is to offer you the fairest price for car rental. Whether you are on a business trip, or on a holiday, you can be sure that you make the best buy when renting a car at Papacar.


Since we offer cars with deluxe facilities and also several ones of the plainest models, we are sure that you can find the most suitable vehicle for your needs. When choosing a car, you should consider some important aspects. For instance the surface, on which you will use the car, the number of passengers, and the trunk space. According to these aspects you can select the most suitable vehicle. The pictograms help you to indicate the customized offers.


Car Rental and driving tips in Spain



Renting a car in Spain is a very clever choice for tourists. Approximately 10 million people choose to rent a car during their break in the lovely España; and it’s easy to see why when Spain’s main territories are rural and disconnected from public transportation such as metro lines and buses.

Hiring and riding a car in another country can be a highly strange thought for some, but it really shouldn’t be, because, most parts of Spanish roads are in a heckuva good condition and are all signposted quite good as well, helping you find your dream-destination so much easier.

Requirements and essentials for car rental

The legal driving age in Spain is 18, but when it comes to renting a car in Spain, you usually have to be at least 22 (25 for specific cars) years old. Do not worry if you are under the age of 22 you can still rent a car, because, it is not illegal for someone under 22 to rent a car in Spain. However, it can be a helluva difficult process and will most certainly cost you a lot more as rental companies see younger drivers as more of a wild risk-takers, therefore young fellas must bring a little more cash with themselves.

The Speed Limits are the following:

-Urban areas: 50 km/h

-For ordinary Roads: 90 km/h

-Roads suitable for parallel transporting: 100 km/h

-Motorways: 120 km/h


Roundabouts have mainly replaced many crossroads and 4-way roads in Spain due to it’s safetiness and roundabouts also cause fewer traffic jams. Another reason why they are good is that you will have time to figure out the right direction. Plus you gonna have priority against those are not in the roundabout yet.


In Spain and especially in Catalonia most highways are toll roads, meaning you have to pay additional costs from 0.5 € to 10 € to use them. You can avoid those roads if you want to keep your pocket full, but it is not worth it if you are in a hury, because toll roads provides a much faster transport.

Parking in the biggest cities like in Madrid or in Barcelona is a huge challenge and if you are on a wrong spot, the police will fine you a la Roger Goodell. So it is worth to rent a garage where your vehicle is also more likely to be in safety.

A good advice for y’all: always remember to lock the doors, and do not keep your precious valuable in plain sight, because thieves are eager to steal from foreigners.

Another thing worth consideration is that most cars are equipped with manual transmission. If you would like to ride an automatic one, you are expected to pay more, and you should book it in advance, cos the supply is mostly limited.



To sum it up driving in Spain is easy as the roads are in good condition and well signed, and there's no better way to visit  not only the wonderful small and medium sized cities than via car rental, so go ahead hire a car to explore one of the most beautiful countries in the  whole world. 



In most cities of Spain we provide the opportunity of taking up, and handing down cars. In Spain there are several hidden summer resorts far from the tourist zone, which can be easily approached by car, but not by public transportation. For reaching these beautiful areas, it is advisable to rent a car and travel around the places you are interested in, whenever you would like to.


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What our customers say



The car was dirty and the consumption was more, than prescribed.


Das Auto war sauber und leicht zu behandeln. Mir gefallen die Abschreibungen von der Städte in der Webseite. Catharina


Automatic gearbox

I live in England and I am driving always on the left side of the streets. At first I am a bit afraid from driving on the right side. I rented a car with automatic gearbox. This factor made my driving easier. So don't afraid leave your car in England and rent one in Portugal! Sam


Pour moi l'aventure avec la voiture louée n'était pas du tout positive. Il y avait un probleme avec le véhicule parce qu'il s'est détraqué 2 fois pendant notre voyage. Le motuer est arreté et il nous durait longtemps de le démarrer. J'était vraiment faché. Je pense que je ne louerai plus de voiture. (Jérémie)



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