What do you think, when somebody mentions Porto? Firstly you can think about the wine. You are right, because Porto is well-known for its wines. Over the delicious and famous wines Porto has more sights and the environmental, where is located, unforgettable.

Porto is the second biggest city in Portugal. It is important merchant and industrial centre. Before the arrival, it is important to mention that car driver and also pedestrians don’t respect the traffic lights. It is worth to attend this factor, if you walk in the city, arrived by car or would like to hire one in Porto.

The city centre is Baixa quarter. There can be found Sé cathedral, Santa Clara and Sao Bento churches. Boavista Avenia is an old pedestrians only street. There are some shopping facilities. Riberia quarter on the bank of Douro is not too much imposing than Baixa quarter, but you can find many nice coffee shops and restaurants and you can go for a romantic walk among old buildings.

Porto is a port-town that is why you can go for a sailing from the port up the river Douro. You will reach Ponte de Dom Luís (you can go there as well as on foot, by hired car or your own car). That bridge was planned by Gustave Eiffel. This is not astonishing because the Eiffel- tower is similar to that bridge. Today the metro crosses the upper level, while the lower level is used by cars and pedestrians to cross the river between the centre of Porto and the spectacular city views and port wine warehouses of the municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia.There are four other bridges in the city, best seen on a Douro river cruise. The most famous of all is the impressive Dona Maria Pia Bridge, also an iron railway bridge, completed in 1876. The other bridges are Ponte do Infante, the triple-arched Ponte de Sao Joao, and Arrabida Bridge. By the end of the river cruise you can visit the buildings what you have seen during the cruise.

The famous wine is an achievement of an accidental case, according to legendary. British seamen dip brandy into the wine during a merchant journey. The recipe, according to legendary, was perfected in Vila Nova de Gaia. In Porto there aren’t wine vaults, but you can find many wine houses, where you can taste the most delicious wines in Porto’s area.

If you want to eat something really Portuguese, you can choose several of food: bacalhau (dried and salted cod), pastel del nata (egg tart pastry), Arroz Doce (Portuguese Sweet Rice), cozido (traditional stew of different meats and vegetables) and different seafood. If you like the spices of vanilla and saffron, you will like the Portuguese kitchen. In most case food are served with olive and wine-vinegar.

All in all Porto is an amazing, authentic Mediterranean city. It can’t be missed to visit at least once in your life. 

Did you know that...

  • Porto is said to be the city of bridges. All in all there are 5 bridges.
  • Harry Potter "was born" here, since the novelist J. K. Rowling was an English teacher in Porto when she started composing the novel.
  • The historical city center is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In 2001 Porto was the cultural capital of Europe.
  • Ferdinand Magellan Portuguese discoverer was born in Porto.


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