Summer dangers

2016-07-28 08:34:40

What dangers can we face during hot summer days?

As summer days become hotter and hotter, we face extreme heat outside, which has a great impact on our body, both physically and mentally. Our attention may decrease and we might become stressed and impatient on the roads. We should to pay attention to small things which can save the day during the hot summer.

Problem of air conditioning in the car

Most probably we don’t use the air conditioning during winter, and only a couple of times in spring. Thus if we turn it on, we may experience strange smell, we only get lukewarm air, or hear unusual sounds. In this case there might be some problem with the air conditioning, which needs to be checked in order that we can use it as soon as possible. To avoid such problems, we should take our car to the service station in the last weeks of spring.

Hot steering wheel, gear stick, seats and seat belts

During a hot day, our car heats up very quickly. Most of us have experienced that after getting into the vehicle we could barely touch the wheel, or found the belts and seats really hot. What can we do to avoid such inconvenience? We should try to find a parking spot in the shades, or put sunshade on the windows.


Motorcyclists, bicycles

In the summer time we have more motorcyclists and bicycles on the roads. We have to pay increased attention and check the mirrors in order to avoid any accidents.


During hot summer days there’s a chance of an unexpected quick or longer hail. It can be quite inconvenient, since the ice pieces can cause damages to the car. What shall we do? We should keep a blanket in our car, which we can use in such situation.


We always have to pay attention to road tolls, and we have to buy vignettes if we use the motorways. Most of the vignettes can be paid online, or right before we get on the motorway. It is advisable to check the prices beforehand, so we will know how much money we need on hand.

Key problem

When we get to the beach, we always face this problem. Where should we hide the car keys as long as we are on the beach? Most car keys are not resistant to water, so we have to protect them from humidity. The easiest way is if we use the lockers, if the beach has them, or we can buy watertight bags and take them into the water, which is far less comfortable.


If we pay attention to these small things, we can make our trips more comfortable and safe.



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