Frequently Asked Questions

Car and vehicle

  • What kind of additional extra equipment can I hire with the car?
    • Additional equipment costs extra money. For example: Child toddler and/or child Infant seat, Wireless Base Station Wi Fi Access, Additional – second – spouse driver, GPS – Satellite Navigational System with multilingual and domestic/international maps, Snow chains, roof rack, roof bars, car roof boxes, bike racks etc. It depends on the car type, location and availability.

      We suggest you to mention your additional needs and desires before renting a car because some accessories can be already included as Standard but also it may happen that if you don’t reserve it advance than upon arrival all the extras will be already rented out to others!

  • Appeared any problems with the car you’d rented?
    • If you have any problems with your car rental vehicle, please, call the car rental supplier immediately! Or use the phone number of the car rental location provided in your rental agreement.

  • If I drop the car off earlier or later than I have to…
    • Car rental companies do not give the money back if you return the car earlier than specified in the rental agreement. If later – extra payment is demanded.

  • I want to book more than one car at once
    • You can rent as many cars as you want. Just check beforehand if there is enough money on your credit card to book all the cars you need, please.

  • Will I get the same car as booked?
    • Sorry, but as all car rental company we only accept category bookings. It means that even if you book for a specific car which you see on the screen, it is possible that you get a different one.

      A certain car category is guarantee only and not a specific make or model. Cars are featured from many different manufacturers in the same category which should have the same features as confirmed at time of reservation.

      However this different car will be in the same category, with the same equipment and with the same terms and conditions.

  • Is it possible to select any type of car?
    • You can select any car category which is available!

      1. For families: bigger cars with lots of space.
      2. For cross-country: cars that are comfortable for longer trips.
      3. For city visit: relatively small cars with low consumption.
      4. For business trip: you can impress your clients or partners with these cars.
      5. For budget trips: cheap rentals with possible trade-offs.
  • I need more information about the car I’ve rented!
    • You can check all the info in your confirmation voucher. If any other questions appear contact us via e-mail, please. We prefer to have questions in written form, in this way we can avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

  • Return fuel policy
    • Most of the times you will get the car with full tank so you should return it back also full.

      It is always important to check the fuel policy! Sometimes you can be asked to buy the first tank of fuel yourself and drop the car off with an empty tank.

      The deposit you’ve made during your booking covers the costs for your patrol / fuel usage / refueling surcharge..

      Your money will be refunded, returned as soon as you drop off the car with the same petrol content level as rented on pick up.

      Otherwise refueling changes can be applied, which does not simply the cost of fuel but also some administrative fee.



  • Is it possible to hire a chauffeur (even English speaking) to drive my rental vehicle?
    • Please, ask the car rental supplier about the possibility of this option before making a reservation! Also an additional fee is demanded for chauffeur services.

  • Is there any financial responsibility for an additional driver?
    • Usually only driver who rented a car and all documents are on his/her name takes the whole responsibility for any damage of the car. But it’s better to make requires with car hire company beforehand to avoid unpleasant situation.

  • How can I identify myself at pickup?
    • You need to show your

      1. Driver’s license
      2. Passport
      3. Credit/debit card
      4. Confirmation voucher

      Some extra documents can be demanded if you are going to cross borders. Check it beforehand, please.

  • What kinds of credentials will I need to present when I pick up my rental?
    • In general you need

      1. Your driver’s license
      2. If you are not a resident then passport
      3. A credit/debit card
      4. If your driver’s license is not written in the Roman alphabet then an international driving permit is required

      There can be some obligations in different countries, so please check rules and regulation for destination country. Your home country’s administration will probably help you on this matter as they know what kind of agreements are valid between home and destination country.

  • Do I need and international driving permit?
    • If your driver’s license is not written in the Roman alphabet then you definitely need it.

      If you want to cross country borders then you also need it.

      There can be some obligations in different countries, so please check rules and regulation for destination country. Your home country’s administration will probably help you on this matter as they know what kind of agreements are valid between home and destination country.

      In case your license was issued outside the European Community most cases you must provide an International Driving License.

  • What kind of driving license do I need?
    • It is necessary to have a valid driver license from your home country on the driver’s name. Validity of the driver license is always specified on Terms and Conditions upon reservation.

      If you want to cross some borders or you intend to drop-off in other country (International one way rental option) an International Driver’s License or Permit is strongly required in order to avoid any problems. It is a translation of a driver’s license into various languages. You can get it through AA or an Automobile club or Automobile Association.

      Each driver must show photographic proof of identity and their passport at the start of the rental. All drivers must present a full and current driving license which has been held for at least one year. The license must be valid for use in the renting country.

  • Can others drive the car?
    • In most of cases the answer is no. However if the rental company allows this then you can select additional or spouse driver as an extra for a small fee during booking.

      Any additional drivers must be present at the time of the pick-up of the car. All drivers must meet the same conditions of rental. See the Driver License and/or ID and Age Requirement and restrictions sections for full details.

  • Minimum and maximum driver age
    • By default you can rent a car between 18 and 99.

      However you should check destination country rules because there can be differences.

      Some countries have different rules for minimum age (for example 21) and for maximum age.

      Most of the time if you have a valid driver’s license in your country you can drive a car in other countries as well.


Pick up and drop-off


Price and financials

  • What is included in my car rental price?
    • Usually the price covers:

      1. Third Party Liability Protection (Tp)
      2. Unlimited Mileage
      3. Breakdown Assistance
      4. Airport Fee
      5. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
      6. Vehicle Theft Waiver
      7. VAT Local Tax
      8. Airport Tax
      9. Roadside assistance by the car rental company

      Mind that the pricing depends on each concrete car rental company. See the ‘Rate Details’ to each available vehicle to see what’s included to its rate.

  • I need a car for less than 1 day (for ex., for 6 hours). How is the price counted?
    • You’ll have to pay money as if you have rented a car for the whole day, because we count in periods of 24 hours.

  • Do I require a deposit to rent a vehicle?
    • Yes, you do. Your deposit type, amount and method will vary by location and rented car category. Deposit can be only by card, no cash option available.

      Deposit is needed for collision damage waiver excess, theft waiver excess, if refueling applies, speeding tickets or parking on wrong spot.

      Deposits are not debited from your credit card. The amount of the deposit is just blocked on your card so you have no access to this concrete amount of money. When the vehicle is returned in the same condition as rented your money will be accessible to you again.

  • What credit cards are accepted?
    • You can check the list of the credit cards accepted in Rate Details option while choosing a car. Every car rental company has its own requirements, but most common cards (MasterCard and Visa) are widely accepted.

  • Can I pay in cash?
    • You have an opportunity to pay with cash only if the option ‘Book now, pay later’ is available on our site next to the chosen car.

  • Is a credit card mandatory?
    • It does not have to be a credit card, it can be a debit card as well.

      When you pick up your car, there will be a hold on your card, so if you are using a debit card, please make sure that the appropriate amount is available.

      At some pick up locations, only embossed credit cards are accepted to handle the deposit.

      At some locations for category of luxury cars two credit cards or one Visa Platinum or one Mastercard Platinum is needed.


Reservation and booking

  • I have lost my booking voucher!
    • Contact us immediately in order to get a copy of your voucher via email. It is important because in the agency they may refuse to give a car if you don’t have a confirmation booking voucher.

  • What if I haven’t received a confirmation voucher during 72 hours after the booking?
    • It is necessary to contact us by any affordable way, in other way it means your booking is not fulfilled.

  • When will I get my confirmation voucher?
    • In 72 hours after you’ve made your booking your request has to be confirmed, so you will get a confirmation voucher on your e-mail.

      Print it, please!

      And don’t forget to take your voucher with you to the car rental desk when picking up the car.

  • Will you contact me about my reservation?
    • We will send you a confirmation voucher via e-mail – it means you have booked a car successfully! Please, print it and take it with you to the rental desk.

  • Why do I have to read all the Terms and Conditions?
    • When you rent a car you have to sign and confirm that you’ve read and agreed with the conditions listed. Don’t miss any information! If you don’t agree with any of the points, please, do not make a booking to avoid unpleasant situations!

  • If I haven’t canceled my order due to force majeure…
    • If it happens to be you have to give us any proofs and we’ll give you the refund. In case of: serious illness of the driver, immediate death of family member or traveling party, natural disaster, if it is forbidden by the governments or public authorities, war, riot, civil commotion or acts of terrorism.

  • Can I cancel my booking request? Do I have to pay something for this option?
    • Cancel your booking online or by phone at least in 48 hours before the reserved date. In this case you won’t pay any additional money.

      Cancellation less than in 48 hours before the reserved date will cost you 40 Euros/40 GBP.

  • I want to edit my order (change date, time or car)
    • Please, contact us beforehand. We will try to change your reservation request. Please be aware that if you don’t notify us in time, maybe we can’t arrange the changes you need.

  • Is it safe to rent a car online?
    • Yes, it is! Absolute safety is guaranteed! All your info is confidential, it is securely protected with industry leading SSL encryption during communication. We only use your credit/debit card data to request the amount you need for booking. We don’t store your credit/debit card information anywhere on our servers, so nobody can get access to it.

  • Is it mandatory to register?
    • No, it is not mandatory, you can hire a car without registering.

      But registering is good for you and good for us.

      Some benefits:

      1. In case of problem, we can identify you much easier.
      2. Communication will be much quicker.
      3. You can get our newsletter which not only includes custom deals but also other opportunities.
      4. Next time you rent a car you don’t have to enter all your details, only your card information.
      5. In case you forget your login/password, we can send you a reminder