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Our purpose at Papacar is to offer you the fairest price for car rental. Whether you are on a business trip, or on a holiday, you can be sure that you make the best buy when renting a car at Papacar.


Since we offer cars with deluxe facilities and also several ones of the plainest models, we are sure that you can find the most suitable vehicle for your needs. When choosing a car, you should consider some important aspects. For instance the surface, on which you will use the car, the number of passengers, and the trunk space. According to these aspects you can select the most suitable vehicle. The pictograms help you to indicate the customized offers.


In most cities of Germany we provide the opportunity of taking up, and handing down cars. In Germany there are several hidden summer resorts far from the tourist zone, which can be easily approached by car, but not by public transportation. For reaching these beautiful areas, it is advisable to rent a car and travel around the places you are interested in, whenever you would like to.

 arguments for driving in Germany


German’s driving habits-how to ride in Germany


Today we are going to dig into a little bit deeper into the world’s one of the most characteristic driving styles: the german way. Behind myths and legends, let’s find the truth.

What most people know or have heard about driving in Germany is that there is no speed limit and people driving their cars very agressively at a crazy speed.

 Now, first of all the first statement is just half true: there are indeed many places in Germany where there is no speed limit but only at some Autobahn(Highway) stretches.  A good advise: do not let the high speeds of german roads fool you into believing that there are no reduced speed zones. Most of the time those who surpassed the speed limit won’t be stopped immidiately but will get a speeding ticket throuh e-mail. The german police utilizes special cameras that can catch speeders with ease and you can not only count on to receive a nice fine, but also your precious license is in danger. Oh, and by the way there is a standard 50 km/h  speed restriction on the city streets, of course unless posted otherwise.

What is more, there are lots of regulations about driving in Germany, just like any other area in a german’s life. For instance many cities in Germany possesses so-called green zones that require special stickers to enter them. For foreigners it costs 12.50 EUR.  Another reason worth considering: every driver in Germany must earn the license in a Fahrschule(driving school)and I tell you what: it is not  as easy as in many other countries for example in the USA. The potential drivers must go through a series of tough theoretical, mechanical and practical tasks before earning that license, and it also costs a lot of money, usually about 2000 EUR.

And now about that second argument: germans truly act like they are on some racing teams and riding their cars easily almost 200 km/h but they are allowed to do so because, their cars are super safe, built with the most modern technology and every driver is skilled , calm and drives with caution as well as with passion.

There were not any moment when I felt unsafe driving in Germany and I would recommend to anybody to rent a car there and experience the german way and get to the attractions as fast as possible and it is also  a very comfortable and simple way of travelling.

To sum it up, Germany taking its driving very seriously and it is no surprise because germans have been love with their cars for long long time ago they have produced the most effective and fastest also the safest so simply the best  cars in the industry and I will believe they will continue to do so and driving in Germany will be as delightful as it always have been.



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Kicsi gyerekekkel utaztunk, ebből kifolyólag tudtuk, hogy sok csomagunk lesz, ezért választottuk az autóbérlést. Tömegközlekedés használata túl körülményes lett volna a gyerekekkel és a csomagokkal. Minden családosnak ajánlom. Ha meg kell állni, mert a kicsinek dolga van, egyszerűen megtehető, míg buszon ez körülményesebb lett volna. Zita


Služba bola v poriadku, ale posledný deň sa nám pokazila klimatizácia. Našťastie nám ju nezaúčtovali. Personál bol veľmi milý. Jiří


Das Auto war sauber und leicht zu behandeln. Mir gefallen die Abschreibungen von der Städte in der Webseite. Catharina


A bit difficult for me

booking was a bit difficult for me, but i usually don't use internet to pay for something. next time will be the reservation easier. the service was average. the car worked right. this is my main expectation. Sophie



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